State of Collaboration 2020

Upgrading to smarter working practices means collaboration is critical. How does collaboration in your organisation benchmark against others?

Dropbox has teamed up with research house, Vanson Bourne, to learn how organisations collaborate in Australia, France, Germany, the UK, and the USA; understand the challenges they face and the improvements they require to drive the business forward. 

Based on these learnings you can accelerate your collaboration maturity to the next level. Benchmark your organisation against others in your industry.

Why you should take our State of Collaboration Survey

  • It’s a quick, free survey about collaboration in your organisation
  • ​​Following an initial score, you’ll receive a personalised report with insights, best practice and practical solutions
  • ​​See how you benchmark against other companies
  • ​​Get recommendations to help you achieve the next level of collaboration
  • ​​Industries include media, manufacturing, tech, construction, education and retail

Get your copy of the Dropbox State of Collaboration report

The first global report on how organisations in Australia, France, Germany, the UK and the USA are collaborating, how they’re winning, and how they address their challenges.

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State of Collaboration Trends

On average, respondents believe they waste 29% of time at work on tasks that don’t add critical value to the organisation.

  • ​​33% say that increasing employee productivity is a main priority for the next 12 months
  • ​​87% say they need the ability to meet varying collaborative working needs of different teams
  • ​​​​93% are experiencing barriers to improving collaborative working
  • ​​85% say that a connected workspace connecting their content/ tools/teams would improve business results and the way that teams work

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