Design a more enlightened way of working

Think about how much work has changed for you and your teams…

We’ve gone from a few software tools to dozens of apps, communication channels and project management systems, each multi-device and always-on.


With content, tools and teams all scattered, it’s no wonder we feel frustrated and teams can’t work together in sync.

In fact, on average, business and IT leaders are spending 29% of their day on tasks that don’t add critical value to the organisation.

As it becomes harder to get all the important things done, we’re working more during off-hours to try to keep up. But, even as we creep towards a 24-hour workday, global productivity is still stalling.

The Research

We commissioned independent market research specialist, Vanson Bourne, to undertake research to better understand the workplace challenges organisations are facing.

A total of 2,500 business and IT decision makers in Australia, France, Germany, the UK, and the USA were interviewed, representing organisations with 250 or more employees. All respondents work across the media, manufacturing, technology, construction, education and retail industries; and all collaborate with colleagues on a daily basis, using software and applications to get their work done.

The result: a global study into The State of Collaboration.


The research uncovered valuable insights which we’ve turned into a quick and easy benchmark survey.

The survey provides you with a personalised report that will help you understand what your organisation is doing right and what needs improving when it comes to collaborative working.

It will also demonstrate how you compare to others in your industry and provide recommendations to help you achieve the next level of collaboration.

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About Vanson Bourne

Vanson Bourne is an independent specialist in market research for the technology sector. Their reputation for robust and credible research-based analysis is founded upon rigorous research principles and their ability to seek the opinions of senior decision makers across technical and business functions, in all business sectors and all major markets. For more information, visit

We’re not working smart.
It’s time for a change.

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